Armenian layer cakes – the 3 most popular recipes

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The honey cake “Ptichka”, the nut cake “The male ideal” or the shortcrust cake Mikado – one tastes more delicious than the other. It is not without reason that these three are among the most popular Armenian layer cakes that can be found in every cafeteria in the country. With my recipes, you don’t have to travel to Armenia to try them. You can simply make them at home.

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Shortcrust cake with chocolate caramel cream

Classics of the Armenian cafés

The Mikado cake, the cake “Ptichka” and the cake “The male ideal” are among the sweet classics in Armenia. You can try them in many cafeterias, pastry shops and cafés. They can also be bought in grocery stores. Armenian families also like to make these layer cakes themselves at home.

How to serve Armenian layer cakes?

Although the popular Armenian cakes are completely different in taste, all three are incredibly delicious. As they are three layer cakes, similar to the chocolate Spartak cake, the honey cake “Ryzhik” or the raspberry cream cheese cake, they are also a visual eye-catcher on any coffee table. So you can serve the cakes for a tea party with the family at the weekend as well as at a celebration.

In Armenia, each of the layer cakes is usually made very large. This is because they are then shared with family, friends and neighbors. Everyone gets a slice.

Incidentally, Armenians often make the Mikado cake, the cake “Ptichka” or the cake “The male ideal” rectangular. They are traditionally cut into diamonds before serving.

Just like so many Russian cakes, these three Armenian layer cakes taste much more delicious in the next few days than on the day they are made. You can therefore make them in advance for a special occasion.

The cakes must be ready the day before at the latest. They can be thoroughly infused overnight in the fridge. During this time, the flavors of all the ingredients combine perfectly.

Armenian layer cake “Ptichka”

Armenian Bird's milk cake

The Armenian Bird’s milk cake consists of the fluffy, soft and aromatic honey layers. Its delicate, creamy pudding butter filling perfectly complements the honey pastry. The taste is rounded off by the sweet chocolate glaze.

This combination makes the cake “Ptichka” a special taste experience. It is also guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye at the coffee table.

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Armenian layer cake “The male ideal”

Popular Armenian layer cake with nuts

The Armenian layer cake “The male ideal” is sure to delight all nut lovers. It consists of a honey sponge cake with nuts and a caramel buttercream with nuts. The cake is also completely sprinkled with walnuts.

Due to the strong composition of the ingredients, such as cognac, strong black tea and chocolate, the cake “The male ideal” is an unusual highlight in terms of taste. Its appearance is also sure to turn heads at any party.

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Armenian Mikado layer cake

Mikado cake recipe

The Armenian Mikado cake is made from the tender, slightly crispy shortcrust layers that practically melt in the mouth. The sweet cream contains caramelized sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. Grated chocolate, which is sprinkled all over the cake, gives it a delicate flavor.

The Mikado cake tastes crumbly, creamy, chocolaty and caramelized at the same time. Its many thin layers also make it a real eye-catcher at any party.

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Have you made one or more Armenian layer cakes at home using one of my recipes? Which one do you like best? I look forward to your results and your comments below.

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