Russian cakes – the 3 most popular recipes

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The delicate Napoleon, the creamy Medovik or the airy Bird’s Milk Cake – who can decide! The three cakes are for many the most delicious and therefore not without reason the most popular Russian cakes. They are both tasty and visually a highlight on the dining table. Here you can find a collection of the three recipes for the Russian classic cakes.

Russian cakes – the 3 most popular recipes

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Napoleon cake

Napoleon cake is famous not only in Russia, but now all over the world. And this is not surprising, because the delicious flavor combination of the crispy puff pastry and the delicate vanilla pudding cream is hard to resist. Even if the preparation of the Russian cake involves some effort, it is definitely worth it.

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Popular Napoleon cake

Medovik cake

No less popular than Napoleon is the Russian cake Medovik. Made of fluffy honey dough and sweet-sour sour cream, it tastes heavenly tender, soft and creamy. With its many thin golden and white layers, the honey cake is also an eye-catcher on the dining table. It takes a little time to prepare the cake layers, but otherwise the recipe is pretty simple.

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Popular Russian cakes - Medovik

Bird’s milk cake

With its unusual name alone, the Russian Bird’s milk cake makes you curious. Its taste is no less unique – airy soufflé, tender cake base, which is a mixture of shortbread and sponge cake, and chocolatey glaze combined together. A visual hit on the dining table, the Bird’s milk cake is also to boot. If you pay attention to a few details when making it yourself, you’ll get the cake done without any problems.

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Airy Bird's milk cake

Russian cakes for a special occasion

Whether the Napoleon, Medovik or Bird’s milk cake – the three Russian cakes convince both in taste and appearance. They are therefore perfect for a special occasion. Surprise your loved ones with one of the cakes at Christmas and Easter, for example. Or serve them at a birthday party.

Popular since Soviet era

The Napoleon, Medovik and Bird’s milk cake were already famous in the Soviet Union. You could order them in Soviet cafeterias for dessert or buy them in grocery stores. But people also made them themselves at home. Especially at a New Year’s Eve party, at least one of the Russian cakes had to be on the dining table. You can still treat yourself to a piece of Napoleon, Medovik or Bird’s milk cake in Russian canteens. And still people love the cakes at home in Russia.

Make Russian cakes the day before

The advantage of the three Russian cakes is that they can be made the day before – Napoleon and Medovik even earlier. This is because both the Russian puff pastry cake and the honey cake taste even more delicious in the next few days. In the case of the Bird’s milk cake, the soufflé can acquire its necessary firm consistency in peace if you make the cake the day before.

Cake recipes with different variations

In addition to the classic recipes for Russian cakes, there are several flavor variations of them. For example, how about orange medovik? Or have you tried Napoleon cake with beer puff pastry and plombir cream, Napoleon cake with quark and Grand Napoleon with walnuts and caramel touch? If you need to go fast, you can make the Lazy Napoleon cake or Napoleon tarts without baking. If you want to make the Russian soufflé cake yourself without animal products, try my recipe for vegan Bird’s milk cake.

Have you made Russian cakes yourself using my recipes? Which of the three cakes did you like best? I’m looking forward to your result and your comment here below.

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