Vegan Russian cakes: 3 popular plant-based recipes

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The most popular Russian cakes vegan – with these recipes you will succeed! You can prepare the airy Bird’s milk cake, the tender Napoleon cake or the creamy Medovik cake completely without animal products. They taste at least as delicious as the originals. The three cakes are also an eye-catcher on the dining table.

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Vegan Bird’s milk cake

The vegan Bird’s milk cake consists of an airy soufflé, fluffy cake base and the delicate chocolate glaze. Its secret is in aquafaba – the drained water of chickpeas from a jar or a can. On the basis of it, namely, the soufflé for the cake is prepared.

Both in taste and appearance, the vegan soufflé cake is in no way inferior to the classic Bird’s milk cake.

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Vegan Bird's milk cake

Vegan Napoleon Cake

You can make the popular Russian puff pastry cake with vanilla pudding cream vegan with this recipe. By the way, it’s quite easy, because both puff pastry and vanilla pudding can be prepared without animal ingredients without any problems.

The vegan Napoleon cake tastes heavenly tender, creamy and at least as delicious as the classic Napoleon cake.

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Vegan Napoleon cake

Vegan Medovik cake

You can make the dough for the world-famous Russian honey cake without honey. Nevertheless, it comes close to the dough of the classic Medovik with its consistency, taste and appearance.

In my case, the cream for the vegan no honey cake consists of the homemade vegan sour cream substitute.

It is guaranteed that not only vegans will be delighted with the soft, creamy, flavorful vegan Medovik cake.

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Vegan Medovik cake

Convince not only vegans

These popular Russian sweet classics without animal ingredients are guaranteed to convince not only those who follow a vegan diet. Because each of them is incredibly delicious and almost indistinguishable from the respective original, both in taste and appearance.

Try the vegan Bird’s milk cake, the vegan Napoleon cake or the vegan Medovik cake! I’m sure you’ll love them.

Make ready the day before

You can finish the three Russian cakes in vegan versions the day before and store them in the refrigerator overnight.

The soufflé of the vegan Bird’s milk cake can firm up in that time without rushing. The vegan Napoleon and Medovik cakes taste much tastier in the next few days than right after preparation. So you can prepare them even a few days earlier.

Vegan Russian cakes

Eye-catcher on dining table

The vegan Russian cakes are not only a highlight in terms of taste. They are also an eye-catcher on every dining table. So you can serve them at a party, among other things.

The vegan Bird’s milk cake enchants you with its snow-white soufflé, yellow cake base and dark chocolate glaze in combination.

The vegan Napoleon cake looks scrumptious with its numerous flaky and creamy layers.

The vegan Medovik cake with its many thin golden layers is also hard to resist.

Have you made the popular Russian cakes in vegan version according to my recipes yourself? I look forward to seeing your results and commenting here below.

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