How to make lemonade: the 15 best recipes

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A cool soda is a real treat and refreshment on hot summer days. Homemade with natural ingredients it tastes best. I’ll show you how to make lemonade easily at home. Here are 15 delicious lemonade recipes – from classic to fancy.

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Fruity summer drink

How to make lemonade and why yourself?

The soft drinks from the supermarket often contain far too much sugar and unhealthy additives. You can safely do without them by making your own soda.

You determine the amount of sweeteners yourself. And only fresh, natural ingredients go into your drink.

You can experiment with fruits, herbs, flowers and create your favorite lemonade. Besides, homemade simply tastes the best.

More flavor thanks to herbs and blossoms

You can add more flavor and aroma to your soda by refining it with various herbs or blossoms. For example, you can add mint, rosemary or basil. Lavender or elderflower not only provide an irresistible scent, but also make your drink a refreshing eye-catcher.

Sweeten to taste

You can sweeten your homemade lemonade classically with a sugar syrup or with sugar. But also agave syrup or maple syrup are suitable if you want to do without sugar. In addition, I have here some lemonade recipes for you, which are sugar free.

How to serve and store homemade lemonade?

Serve your homemade lemonade chilled with ice cubes. You can add pieces of fruit, berries and herbs to it.

Homemade soda is perfect for a summer party or picnic. But you can also enjoy it on an ordinary warm summer evening on your terrace or balcony.

Of course, homemade lemonade tastes best fresh. The leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 – 3 days. Especially the carbonated soda should be stored in a sealable glass bottle**.

Lemonade recipes from classic to fancy

Here you will find a large selection of different lemonade recipes. From classic to fancy – there is something for every taste. All drinks taste fruity, tangy and fresh. Of course you can change every lemonade recipe according to your mood.

Classic with citrus fruits

Very classically, a soda is made from citrus fruits. Especially lemons are very popular. But oranges or limes are also excellent for this purpose.

Lemonade recipe with fresh lemons

How to make lemonade with fresh lemons

A classic among lemonades is the lemonade from fresh lemons. It tastes sparkling, cool and fruity. On a hot summer, it provides pure refreshment. With this recipe you can make it easily and quickly, using only natural ingredients.

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Orange lemonade recipe

Cool drink

The orange lemonade is no less popular. The tangy drink is a refreshing treat on a hot day. With this recipe you can easily make it with just a few ingredients, without flavor enhancers and dyes. The amount of sugar you can take according to taste.

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Lime lemonade recipe

How to make lime lemonade

The homemade lime soda is particularly aromatic. It tastes sweet sour and very refreshing. For this you do not need to make sugar syrup with this recipe. Moreover, the lemonade is refined with mint.

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How to make sugar free lemonade?

You can also make a delicious sugar free lemonade at home. Sometimes the sweetness of the fruit is enough. Or you can use agave syrup, maple syrup and other sugar alternatives to sweeten it.

Raspberry lemonade recipe

Fruity cold drink

I sweetened my raspberry lemonade with a little agave syrup. It tastes incredibly fruity and summery. Prepared with lime juice, the drink is also very aromatic. The recipe is a must for the raspberry season.

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Mint lemonade recipe

How to make limonana

Mint and lemon – the flavor combination is simply delicious. Exactly the ingredients are combined in the Israeli mint lemonade. No soda probably tastes more refreshing than this one. I made my limonana with agave syrup and no sugar.

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Mango lemonade recipe with basil

Exotic drink

I made the exotic mango lemonade completely without a sweetener. But you should use very ripe mangoes. Basil gives the drink a fine aromatic flavor. The recipe makes it lightning fast.

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Basil lemonade recipe

How to make basil soda

You can make your own herbal lemonade not only from mint. With basil you can also make a delicious summer drink. And it’s also heavenly aromatic. I also sweetened the basil soda with agave syrup instead of sugar.

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Fruity summer

Actually, you can use any fruit to make your own lemonade. Use fruit or berries that are in season. Here are a few particularly summery recipes.

Watermelon lemonade recipe

Summer drink

For all watermelon fans, this soda is just right. With it you conjure up an incredibly delicious and fruity refreshment. Depending on how sweet your watermelon is, you can make the lemonade sugar free. Even a honeydew melon works for the recipe.

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Strawberry lemonade recipe with mint

Strawberry lemonade recipe

Summertime is the strawberry season! You have to take advantage of that. The sweet aromatic fruit you can not only snack pure, but also make a delicious soda. With mint refined it becomes even more aromatic. Also in this recipe you can omit the sugar depending on the sweetness of the strawberries.

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Apricot lemonade recipe with rosemary

How to make apricot soda

Sweet, aromatic apricots meet fragrant, spicy rosemary in this summery drink. Limes provide a slightly sour note. The result is a heavenly, delicious refreshment for hot summer days.

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How to make blossom soda?

A soda made from blossoms not only tastes delicious. It also smells enticing and looks adorable. Here now come some recipes for the pretty blossom lemonades.

Elderflower lemonade recipe

Flower soda recipe

When elder bushes are blooming outside, it’s the perfect time to make this fragrant and beautiful lemonade. It’s ideal for a summer celebration. For an alcoholic party drink, you can dilute the elderflower syrup in the recipe with sparkling wine instead of water.

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Rose lemonade recipe

How to make rose lemonade

The rose soda enchants you with its irresistible scent, delicate taste and fairy-tale appearance. It is a highlight at every garden party. The fancy drink is guaranteed to delight your guests. With this recipe you can make your own lemonade from fresh rose petals.

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Lavender lemonade recipe

How to make lavender soda

The homemade lavender lemonade provides the vacation feeling right in your home. It refreshes and relaxes at the same time. If the plant blooms in your garden, take advantage of it and make the fragrant drink from it. Alternatively, you can use dried lavender blossoms in the recipe.

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Refreshment with vegetables

It may sound strange at first, but some vegetables can be used to make delicious lemonade. You’ve probably already tried the classic recipe with rhubarb. But you can also make a tangy and healthy soda with cucumbers.

Rhubarb lemonade recipe

Spring drink

You can enjoy a fresh rhubarb lemonade already in spring. It tastes fruity, sparkling and just delicious. The recipe is ideal for the first warm days of spring during the rhubarb season.

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Cucumber lemonade recipe with basil

Cucumber lemonade recipe

You can’t imagine a soda made of cucumber? But it tastes incredibly delicious. Give it a try! Basil combines perfectly with the vegetables. Lime juice also complements the taste of the drink very well.

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Have you tried one or more of my lemonade recipes? Which lemonade do you like best? Tell me in a comment.

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